This story with Richard, not Judy

I couldn’t have written this story without Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan. It came about because I had decided to try and win a competition they were running to write a short story for children, back in the days when they had an early-evening show on Channel 4. Obviously I didn’t win, a failure I put down to an inability on my part to distinguish the difference between a story for children, and a story with a child in it. And yes, the title is stolen from John Fante for absolutely no reason at all, other than my story has a dog in it, and I read Ask the Dust at an impressionable age. So without further ado, you can find ‘The Little Dog Laughed’ in Issue 8 of Structo Magazine, which I have to say is a far more beautifully put-together journal than my story really deserves.

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